Bearberry History Projects

The Recollection of the Homestead Trails - Part I

In 1978 our "Recollections of the Homestead Trail" book was published, and in August 1989 it was reprinted. Several people asked us whether we would reprint this book again. For the Anniversary we provided this Part I in an e-book version.

In 2016 we worked on the 2nd Edition of our History Book which is now available for sale. It is the complete book - including Bearberry and Sunberry - with lots of new articles and updates. This book can be purchased. Please send us an email

3D Map of the Bearberry and Sunberry Valleys

During our 75th Anniversary events we collected information from guests about owners of different places in our area. We did extensive research work about homesteader and Land Grants from 1870 till 1930. We used given land descriptions found in our Historic Book and gathered information over the last few years.

This historic project is nearly finished now. Our 3D Map shows the Bearberry/Sunberry valleys and can be viewed in our Bearberry Community Hall, beginning January 2016. The map will be displayed in a glass/wood case. Thanks to Alison Bakken who worked countless hours on this project, this is a real piece of art and it will show all homesteaders and later owners of individual quarter sections in this area.

A list of all known land owners or occupants during the last 100 years can be found on display as well. If you know of additional owners/occupants of land and homes in the Bearberry/Sunberry area not listed in our tables, please let us know. We appreciate every new details we can get to make this project complete and to create a legacy for future generations in our valley.

3D Map shown from east to the west of the Bearberry Valley
Map shown in the current stage (December 2015) - it will be finished with paint and displayed in a glass/wood case.


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